Yehiel Bashari

Bashari’s Farm

Yehiel and Itamar, a father and son , organic growers from Ganei Tal Israel.

22 year ago Yehiel came to the understanding that organic is the right way to practice agriculture and  joining his son Itamar into the family operation is just what he dreamed about.

Today Yehiel and Itamar are specializing in unique peppers varieties; their peppers are unique in color, in flavor and in taste.

In order to allocate the right varieties these growers invest a big effort in R&D and keep an ongoing contact with seeds companies around the world, once they find a variety that meets the high standards of quality and flavor the growers will run a commercial test with costumers and professionals, at the end only top quality peppers will be presented and sold.

Itamar: "in every pack of peppers we send I see in front of me the person that will eat it in the end of the day, I want the costumer to enjoy eating our peppers, I believe this is the only thing that will make him or her buy again and again"

The commitment to quality is shown everywhere in their farm and pack house, as Yehiel says: " it’s not only business, it’s a way of living"



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