Vision and Goals

The vision of RAN is to create a Global organic company, that will source directly from growers around the world, and, by doing so, will make the Global be Local.


Global sourcing and local sales adaptations will become more important every year in order to answer to customers wishes and demands (both from supermarkets and consumers). RAN FPE has made a start with this vision but is aiming to expand its global network. 


Also, in order to play a major role in the organic local market, all of the above is still not enough. Innovation is and will be essential. RAN FPE has these innovative genes: there is the new product line for kids (Bio Saurus, that has generated much interest at the Fruit Logistica) and a new line of packaging will be introduced (paper-look). Both again innovations that unburden the supermarkets and make the products go from global to local.

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