Company Profile

RAN FPE is a partnership of growers from Israel and Holland. The company is working directly with organic growers in Argentina, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and others.


RAN FPE was founded at 2006 to secure sales for the produce of organic growers in Israel and Holland. Climate and soil in both Israel and Holland, and not at the least the dedication of the growers ensure great quality produce that has earned its place on the store-shelves. Furthermore, both countries together can supply almost throughout the year (additional products are sourced directly from growers around the world).


In RAN FPE these products are combined with an innovative and experienced management-team, and a motivated sales-department, resulting in a company that has successfully penetrated the Northwestern European market.


The customer bases are the chains of health food stores in the Netherlands and Germany and also several main supermarket chains (i.e. Edeka Germany) as well as to leading supermarket chains in the UK, Belgium and others.

RAN FPE foresees a substantial increase in sales to these supermarkets in the last years and doing so while maintaining its unique way of working:


·                     Sourcing directly from growers

·                     One stop shop supplier (assortment)

·                     Cost efficient

·                     Brand name – produce from a good home

·                     Innovative


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