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BIOSAUR products are grown in accordance to the most severe requirements of organic agriculture regulations worldwide with special emphasis on varieties known for their rich nutritional values such as vitamins, fiber, dry matter and Antioxidants.

We believe that "healthy" does not simply mean the absence of disease but is in fact protecting and nurturing your physical strength.

Balanced consumption of organic fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and high in nutritional values, are actually your safeguard to sustained well being.


Farmers growing BIOSAUR products base their activities on ecosystems and on the natural life cycle, working with and helping to protect them.


Organic agriculture is part of the ecosystem and we believe that by strengthening this structure we are not only supporting agricultural activity but also encourage a feedback in this system



Those who are engaged in growing, marketing and distribution of BIOSAUR products worldwide are committed to fair employment of employees while ensuring the appropriate wage laws in their respective countries, as well as keeping working and health conditions according to law.


The same commitment applies to the work in the areas of agriculture, packaging, logistics and commercial, either as direct employees or as employees of subcontractors.


We further believe that the essence of the organic idea includes "doing good" in the communities and our company is actively running for several years now an educational project integrating Youth at risk into organic agricultural activities, and contributing to the community throughout the  world.



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